Direct mail wins back 4X more customers than email


better ROI than email


the redemption rate of email

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Traditionally, eBay were using email to win back customers. But with open and click-through rates declining, it was obvious to us that apathy had set it. We thought a little disruption was in order.

We were sure a direct mail piece would provide the cut through eBay needed. We put our reputation on the line by suggesting a test against eBay’s ‘win-back’ email campaign. We tested a highly personalised, digitally printed pack in the UK and Germany, offering vouchers as an incentive to shop with eBay again.

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As we expected Direct Mail came through as the winner. It offered around four times the redemption rate of email, better results in Active Buyers, and crucially, a far superior return on investment. We were pretty chuffed, and so were eBay.

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